Brettonians complete!

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Commisison Painter

So the brettonians have galloped their way home, completed and shining brightly (well matted..but still, for drama). Their owner is very happy with the finished project, and I was happy to be able to hand them off and see the look on his face in person (I normally end up doing projects submitted by my contact form, so it’s rather rare for me to meet the person face to face, but this is slowly changing!)
With this particular handoff I acquired three new projects.

1. Empire griffon. Based from the smaller counterpart, the high elf griffon from the starter set, this one features an empire captain aboard. I have decided on a Red Shouldered Hawk and a Cheetah for the two patterns that will merge in the centre.

2. Exhalted Chariot of Slaneesh Chaos Daemon model. Yea, the giant one…That looks like a farm implement. The best part about this one is that the paint scheme is John Deere green, with yellow, and metals. Wait, no the best part is that the steeds of slaneesh are to be painted like holstein cattle, with the riders sporting cowboy hats!
To see the normal scheme for this model visit:

3. Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunter minimum unit. This one’s a fairly standard unit, standard paint scheme, and I also get to assemble them myself (bonus!) and they will be based as per the agreement.

If you”re interested, this unit can be found here:
So..Onwards to the new projects I say!

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