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Images all used without permission from Forgeworld WebsiteGW, FW, Forgeworld.

We’ve been a bit busy, so an update on the current state of affairs and the like.

We have finished the following minis:

Knight Commander Pask, Games Workshop Imperial Guard Tank Commander, will be up for sale.

General Slaughterborn, Privateer Press, Warmachine Cryx miniature, commissioned mini.

Bonejack, Privateer Press, Warmachine Cryx miniature, commissioned mini.

Widowmaker officer, Privateer Press Warmachine Khador miniature, part of my own force.


Widowmaker Marksman, Privateer Press Warmachine Khador miniature.

Unit of (3) Widowmakers that go with the officer, Privateer Press Khador miniature.

Working on

Khorsarro Khan (on to his backpack now, body of miniature IS! finished) Games Workshop Space Marine White Scars Commander.

Grey Knight Brother Captain. Games Workshop Daemonhunter Grey Knight Terminator minature.

More Cryx!

We’ve been asked about space to commission:

Several Legion beasts (Privateer Press Hordes Minatures)

Retribution 50pt. army (Privateer Press, Warmachine Faction)

Also, you will find a guide to creating wood plank bases on our studio website, in the Academy!

As always, guide and all images copyright Red Stick Studio.