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After being frustrated the past few days with other projects that aren’t panning out as smoothly as I expected, I decided to work on something completely unrelated to any of my current projects.
I brought my roller derby equipment in after practice on Monday night and decided on Tuesday morning that I wanted to finally paint my helmet.
So now, I have a brand new shiny helmet, that looks like a Canadian flag! Varnished and ready to go, just needing a bag to protect the helmet during bag transport.

So far, I’ve actually managed to fit in purchasing some miniatures for my Circle army, and actually get a chance to file them and prep for pins.   I picked up a Pureblood Warpwolf, and the newest beast, Warpwolf Stalker.  The stalker was great to file, there were hardly any seams on it at all.  Also managed to get a paint scheme down on paper for the army.  Going with desert colours and desert bases: shades of light brown to tan, and olive green.  Looking forward to working on it in between other projects.  Ordered Epic Kaya and a Gorax, and after my evening’s purchases, have everything for my 35pt list but those.

Also managed to get the rest of the wraithguard filed and assembled!  So the full unit of 10 is assembled…some in varying stages of paint, to test out a few ideas.  Army Painter primer is wonderful, in case you haven’t had the opportunity to try it.  Very good product, excellent pigmentation, and a colour range that’s great.  Picked up the second box of Dire Avengers to go into this army.  After picking up the last wraithguard, and the warlock that I ordered (Direct only with two handed sword) everything is there for that 2k army as well.

While we have been a bit lax lately with new posts, and continuing our “Basing Basics” guide, fear not! We have been hard at work behind the scenes, away from the computer, working on projects!


– Privateer Press, Cryx Bonejack, with a Green/Jackbone/bronze colour scheme

–  Privateer Press, Cryx General Gerlak Slaughterborn.  Done with blue skin, silver armour, purple cloth, and other embellishments typical of the miniature.

– Games Workshop Knight Commander Pask.  Model is done without it’s base, permitting it to be put into your tank’s cupola.  Done with same colour scheme as the picture of him on Games Workshop’s website.  This miniature IS for sale.  Please contact the studio at  for more information.  Pictures posted soon.

– Privateer Press, Khador Wardog, Sepia coloured dog, with silver armour.

– Also, pictures taken, and article is being compiled for our wooden planking style bases.   These came into play with Skarre, and other minis that are being painted up to go with her list.  Very simple construction, very simple painting! This will be up soon, to be a bit of a side adventure to go with our “Basing Basics” road trip.

Also, successfully cleaned out some of the old minatures, including 9-10 GW Valhallan heavy weapon teams, and 3 10 man units, as well as a lot of special weapon minis.  Congrads to the new owner, may the emperor choose to side with you and ensure your victory in the future!