Surfing around on facebook, I came across this amazing project that is currently running on Kickstarter by Studio McVey for the Sedition Wars miniatures that they have been creating. Mike and his wife Alison have been a part of some huge projects in previous years, with Games Workshop, Privateer Press, and other huge projects.
I’d like to point out that I support this, and have had the opportunity to see previews of Sedition Wars miniatures over the past year or so and am looking forward to the game being funded. The project was on Kickstarter for a mere six hours and had already reached it’s funding! It’s up to over $70,000 now, with more awesome items being added after it goes up each tier of support for it. With 32 days to go, I am curious to see how high it will go. Currently the next tier to hit is $80,000 and they have said there will be more as the funding continues going through! Each time a tier is met, everyone who has funded the “Biohazard” or higher level will receive the tier bonus in addition to what they would be getting for their support level. It’s pretty amazing, and I would like to say “Go Studio McVey, and Coolminiornot!”

To follow the project and donate click the link below:

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