So, I found a way to make some great looking, very inexpensive terrain!
Do you tire of terrain simply being books under the green mat to simply make square hills?
You know you want buildings, and lots of them! Two, three and four levels, to make that table pop!
Inexpensive you say? Yes, I did!!

Here is a rundown of the components (items are purchased from Walmart, which by far is the best pricing for the components) with their prices ( in US dollars) not including tax.

Core items:
– roll of 3/4″ masking tape, .77
– Eilene’s Tacky Glue, medium size bottle, 1.77
– Foamcore sheet(s) 20″x30″ plain white, 1.98

Additional items needed:
– cutting mat
– box cutter, and spare blades
– exacto knife and spare blades
– 24″ metal ruler
– 12″ metal ruler

Now comes a bit of mathing skill. In order to maximize the amount of buildings that can be made from the sheet, grab a bit or scrap paper.

The sheet is 20″x30″, and by doing the math, I can create (2) two floor buildings with an 7″x10″ base floor footprint and the second floor being 5″x10″.
Factoring the full size of the sheet, you will make cuts on the long side, so the strips will be 20″ long, by the various widths to make walls and floors.
Subtracting the two floor sizes from the full sheet width, you are left with 18″. Because I am making the walls 3″ high, you are then left with six 3″ strips.

Each of the strips are 20″ long.

Proceed to make the floor pieces by cutting the 7″ and the 5″ sections in half, they are then the sizes of 7″x10 and 5″x10″.

To make the walls, measure the 3″ strips into pieces that are 6.5″ long. This will give you three wall pieces, with one inch left. Repeat 2x for a total of six pieces (four are needed for each building)

To make the front of the building ( the 10″ side) cut one 20″ strip in half. This makes the front wall for each of the building floors. Repeat twice for a total of four front walls, one for each level of the building.

Proceed to assembly.

Place one floor in front of you and glue the wall onto the edge. Follow the flying with taping to reinforce the edge.

Repeat process as many time as necessary to build each of the levels, and reinforce the joints.

Then, add the smaller, second floor on top of the first floor. Glue the two together, reinforcing the joint with tape yet again.

Repeat as necessary to make the building the final size.

Cover all foam showing with tape before priming at all to prevent the foam from being eaten by spray paint, and to create smooth edges.

Cut windows from the foam as you see fit with a square base as a template to ensure continuity and straight lines when making these. Ensure these are taped up as well after the fact.

Prime as you wish.


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